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The Healing Power of the Sea

Learn about how sailing brings about mental and emotional well-being. Over the past years, several studies have been conducted to prove the healing power of the sea.

Even a simple visit to the beach makes you feel alive and cleansed. Sun, sea, and sand are the perfect combinations that are an accessible form of therapy. It sparks the feeling of happiness and relieves you from all worldly stress in a matter of moments. Sea has a powerful impact on your mental, and physical health than what you can think of. Sea not only helps us restore mental and emotional well-being but also physical. A recent research stated that spending more time by the sea helps strengthen your body against viruses and builds your defense system through cellular immunity.
As for mental and emotional well-being, Sports activities by the water been used as an effective rehabilitation tool for patients. The tranquility of the sea has a therapeutic power of healing severe psychiatric disorders. From self-esteem improvement to enhance the communication skills, the curative power of sea varies. You may have noticed that people with disabilities are widely encouraged to participate in water activities, especially sailing. The impact of sailing on people with disabilities have enabled positive outcomes on self-esteem. There have been several anecdotal experiences reported on the benefits of sailing that has helped resolve behavioral disorders.

Mental Health Healing
Let’s take a closer look at how sailing and the power of the sea has helped overcome mental health crises for many. Mental Health of South Sardinia accessed closely a group of 40 patients who were diagnosed with severe mental disorders. These patients, who registered to be a part of the rehabilitation study participated in guided and supervised sea expeditions. The beach of Cagliari (Sardinia), was their therapeutic center. The objective was to explore the marine environment through sailing adventures. The results were impeccable. They showed drastic improvements to the mental disorders of the patients who participated in the program. This notable achievement was a rewarding experience for both researchers and the participants.
Another study that was conducted by Public Mental Health Centers in Italy also had participants that were suffering from severe mental disorders. The rehabilitation practice involved learning to sail and sailing in itself. It’s all about reconnecting with the ocean. These specially designed rehabilitation programs that involve sailing are known to be the best cure for mental health issues and to escape the stresses of daily life. It triggers a psychological state of calm and contentment.

Sail into life course
Sailing and marine activities have helped thousands of people worldwide as an effective psychological therapy to improve their emotional and practical skills. It has been proven to be a unique recipe for success. If you are suffering from mental stress or depression, you’ll be amazed at how this simplistic experience with natural cures your mental disorders. We are talking about the healing learning experience that Sea Sanctuary in Great Britain; a popular health and well-being charity has helped resolve several mental and emotional health problems.
Summer afternoons in Cornwall is usually swarming with holidaymakers. There are several fishing boats and gleaming yachts docked in Falmouth marina for those seeking water adventures. Calm and serene water bodies are soothing in itself.

Several adventure seekers, who are looking to break free from their daily humdrum of life, get on board Grace, a 1925 Danish sailing boat. Docked about 400 yards away from the shore. Just being on board Grace, gives you a feeling of liberation. For those seeking peace and mental rejuvenation, Sea Sanctuary is a great experience. Every few days, men and women looking for a remedial solution to mental health problems come here. They stay for four days at a stretch on Grace, the 85-foot vintage sailing vessel. This sailing experience has helped over 650 people in the last six years fight their mental disorders. Specially designed one-on-one and group therapy sessions by experienced Naturopathic physicians. From learning about sailing to maintain the boat and cooking meals for the group, the experience is all about living simplistic life bunks in a cabin below deck. You’ll be amazed at how this outdoor activity can do wonders for well-being. Sailing is one of the pragmatic solutions of rehabilitation of patients with severe mental disorders.
Adrian, 58, who has felt the healing power of the sea, said “Then I came on Grace for four days last summer and spent time with new people. Being here makes you think life is worth living. The sea is so calming, the setting is so important.”
Several health programs incorporate the fun of sailing and meeting new people to make it an effective psychological therapy. The focus on sailing is dependent on physical involvement and learning new skills. It’s all about teamwork, group work, and sharing experience. Apart from this, it defines coping strategies that assist in building necessary confidence.

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