Tackling Childhood Stress with Sailing

Signs of stress and anxiety are not just found in adults, but in children too. In this day and era, where everything has become highly competitive and challenging, stress has crawled into the lives of the young ones too. Childhood stress can become counter-productive and overwhelming for young ones. Let’s take a quick dive into modern stress life and how sailing helps children.

Depending on the age, situation and individual personalities, every child reacts differently towards stress. As parents or caretakers, it’s imperative to recognize the change in behavior, possible causes and the signs of childhood stress. There might be difficulty in concentrating, behavioral changes with mood swings, increased or decreased appetite, bedwetting or constant complaints of nightmares. In the modern lifestyle, we lead, we are pushed to be our best in highly demanding circumstances to deliver organizational and mental perfection. We are constantly busy with our daily lives and sometimes that is a detrimental factor leading to being able to concentrate fully on those we love the most. The fine line between our work-life and personal spaces have started to disappear. It’s imperative to be able to disconnect from the busy lifestyle and reconnect with your loved ones.

The Rona Sailing Project

This sailing project is a volunteer-based Sail Training organization that uses the tranquility of the sea as the medium to promote youth development. Their program works in collaboration with young people between the ages of 14 and 25. The Rona sailing project has carefully designed several therapeutic voyages for groups of vulnerable adults and young people. The objective is to tackle learning disabilities, deal with mental health issues, in treatment or recovery from substance misuse, and those who are living with long-term challenging conditions.

Positive impact

These sailing programs have become more than just an adventure, it has seen a positive impact on the lives of young people. Most importantly, it teaches you some of the valuable life lessons including teamwork, social, life and employability skills, and their ability to face a personal challenge. When you forget about the busy and competitive world around you and blend with the tranquility of the sea, you’ll be amazed at how stress vanishes. For young adults, sailing helps you transition from stress to an unwinding experience really quickly.

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