Alejandro Basail

Name of the sailor: Alejandro Basail

Profession in previous life: Pilot

Name of the boat: Paradocs (Catamaran Catana 39 built 1994)

Home port: La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico

The crew: My daughter with her husband and two grandchildren (Pitico, Alpha, Rio, Zen) and me

When did you sail around the world?

May 6 2014 until April 24 2016

One year, 11 months, 2 weeks

Approximate sea miles: 34.000 NM (average speed 5 knots, mostly sailing with total fuel consumption of 800 liters).

What healing effects sailing has on you?

Sailing around the globe changes you deeply. Once time stops and becomes sunrise, sunsets, movement of the stars, the wind, the waves and the mind sets on the here and now, you stop believing accepting life as it comes, then life starts taking a new meaning, eating, drinking, sleeping just enough and watching endlessly ends up being the source of that peace that is happiness. You don’t need anything else any more.

What were the key reasons you have started sailing?

If we all live on Earth like at sea, with no expectation, just moving on with no need of believes accepting all, with the minimum, life changes and we could stop the climate change that’s changing the millennial patterns on the Earth, so we could preserve life on it. Because breathing is the only porous of our time here.

Best sailing moment:

We enjoyed compass sailing, HF radio and paper charts plotting dead reckoning, like in the old times.

Can you list places you visited?

Puerto Vallarta, Marquesa, Turnouts, Polynesia, Samoan, Vanuatu, New Guinea, E Timor, Bali, Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Chagos, Seychelles, Madagascar, South Africa, Saint Helen, Fernando de Norona, Barbados, Panama, Salvador, Huatulco, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta

Health problems during sailing

Inside hurricane Amanda the 18th of May 2014 for 2 nights before we could went to toilet in early morning.

Our dog Limona died in Panama from Ehrlichiosis.

The worst weather

Kalimantan straight New Year 2015 when Indonesian aircraft crashed and we were one of the search boats for 3 day with 100 m visibility, very stressing crossing the channel with head winds up to 40 knots and a lot of rain.

The best moment

Making love on the boat.

Sailing with Tony, Maine, Reicher, Genovesa with a spinnaker. We did all while teaching them to sail and basic data of navigation.

Spending time with our dog Limona which kept us safe.

Future sailing plans:

No more sailing for now, I would like to be nearby my mother. Also, I help a Mexican family in Singapore on their way to the Mediterranean. Later I will sail again, mainly alone.

What advice or message would you want to pass on to anyone new to sailing or thinking about sailing?

Our song at sea

All my life, the sea be magical and always there

It runs through my years twisting, turning and yielding

Such memories, bitter sweet

Yet without it in orbit-where

Would I be on this journey of life…?

Each wave somehow peeling.. another layer unfolding.

Such evocative moments that seem long gone.. yet

Freshly raw…newly bending with time..

They bring salty drops to misty eyes

Also smiles with a sudden rush…

Just feels so real..

I can touch you, smell you

And yet

In a flash the tide changes

Gone ..its no longer..

The wave of nostalgia stronger

Fragmented, tormented..

Yet when the next wave surges in

All is washed away.

Just wet sand

Salted cheeks…

An uneasy, quiet peace

And you.. the sea remain..



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