Sailing with a chronic illness | Multiple Sclerosis

The Sailing Sclerosis project, Oceans of Hope is designed to help people living with multiple sclerosis and set them out on a path to recovery. This unique program is to inspire and empower those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

People with chronic illnesses have managed to conquer their disabilities through sailing programs. Customized sailing programs have made a big difference in the lives of such people. Sea is often associated with healing power that has the potential to make you feel happy, mentally relaxed and it can reduce stress. The environment you are in has a bigger impact on our mental, and physical health than we might realize.

For instance, the impact sailing has on the disease Multiple sclerosis or MS is impeccable. It is a disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. This immune-mediated disorder can lead to causing health issues such as vision problems, loss of balance and muscle control. Multiple sclerosis is not restricted to a certain age group, it can happen to anyone between the ages of 20 to 49, sometimes even infants. A recent statistic revealed that over 2,000,000 people worldwide have multiple sclerosis. It’s three times more likely to occur in women than in men. It can be diagnosed only with a thorough neurological examination.

As difficult as it may sound, your mental power can help you overcome most diseases. Sailing has proven to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. These are two key factors that are essential to controlling your mind. There are quite a few sailing programs that are defined and structured to help you overcome mental health crises as well as conquer your chronic illness. The impact some of these diseases have on your mental power is far worse than what it does to you physically. Oceans of Hope is one such program or an initiative designed to help people affected with Multiple Sclerosis.

More about the sailing program: Oceans of Hope

It is an initiative that originated in Denmark to help people affected with Multiple Sclerosis. This sailing program doesn’t discriminate between professional and amateur sailors. They have to face the weather and sea conditions alike. ‘Oceans of Hope’ is a campaign that is specifically designed to change perceptions. To empower the people affected with MS to conquer the world, expand their horizons and take on new adventures.

‘Oceans of Hope’ is a program that created and established the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation. Led by the visionary, Dr. Mikkel Anthonisen, a specialist at Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, in Denmark. He intended to make people with MS feel liberated and connected. He formed this unique establishment in a bid to raise awareness and he has successfully managed to do so. Being a sailor himself, Mikkel has dedicated his time and energy to work with multiple sclerosis patients since 2010.

Focusing on the positivity

No matter what your illness might be, whether you are physically unwell or mentally distressed, it is essential to take your mind off from their disease and focus on the positivity around you. Keeping yourself engaged, giving yourself the much-desired motivation to accept a new challenge and develop networks are some of the key tactics of a survivor. Oceans of Hope is one such program that provides the much-needed hope for the people diagnosed with MS by teaching them to face the challenges together

Experience the adventure

There are many whose life experiences gained through sailing will leave you inspired to get on the adventure. When it comes to disease, it is important to stay strong and focus on the good that’s around you. It might be a nerve-wracking decision to make. Especially because you will have to step out of your everyday comfort zone to experience something different. Although sailing, navigating through the ocean, networking with people on your sailboat and everything else related to it might sound new, it is definitely worth the excitement. The balance sailing brings to your life is impeccable. It’s your chance to sail smoothly through the chronic illness.

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