Sailing, Staying Fit and Losing Weight

Healthy Living and Sailing

If your goal is to start living healthy and move from fat to being fit, we strongly suggest you consider sailing as your hobby. Sailing is a great activity for your health and fitness. Facing challenges not only makes you mentally fit, but also physically strong. Most people intend to achieve the loss of body fat, but for long-term, it is best to preserve muscle mass and lose excess body fat. There are so many weight loss programs and supplements, but what we must get our head around is the fact that there are no shortcuts to weight loss. Always lose weight consistently over a period of time, rather than opting for crash diet plans. There are several health benefits for losing weight and getting to your ideal BMI level. They help reduce the load on the joints, improve power to weight ratio and longevity. One of the weight loss tips that you must keep in mind while creating your diet plan is to maintain a balance between daily energy intake and energy expenditure. If you think sailing and healthy living can’t co-exist, you are wrong. It’s all on you and your willingness to contribute towards weight loss.  

Getting involved in sailing and the activities on board are beneficial for both mental and health fitness. From hoisting of sails to maneuver the yacht to managing the speed against other boats, there are various tasks to be completed onboard. This helps you stay fit and strengthens your shoulders and back muscles. If you are sailing on a relatively smaller boat, you’ll be constantly on the move with tasks, so it is imperative to have stamina. From hiking to cycling, it’s best to engage in aerobic fitness before leaving the dock. 

How to stay fit while sailing? 

When you start sailing, you’ll soon understand the importance of getting fit and managing your food consumption effectively. Rather than opting for a crash diet, sailors learn to create a must require a balance between daily energy intake and energy expenditure. There is a higher risk of cardiac disease amongst the out-of-shape sailors who smokes and consumes alcohol. It is best to follow the training diet created for sailors. These are essential training requirements; body composition needs tailor-made to you and food habits to balance your energy. It is crucial to stay hydrated and consume enough carbohydrates. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors you must consider staying fit during your journey through the tranquil deep waters.

  1. Get enough sleep to maintain your energy levels effectively
  2. While some of the tasks on board are great for your body, you must still consider exercising every day. It need not be rigorous work out sessions, but some form of exercises that help you stay fit through the journey.
  3. Keep away from caffeine, alcohol and junk food. From granola bars to dehydrated fruits, it’s best to pack healthy snacks to go. 
  4. Stay hydrated and drink 2.5-3 Liters of water every day. Carry a water bottle along with you and keep track of your drinking. 
  5. Don’t try salad diets, instead have wholesome low-fat meals with carbohydrates and plant-based food options. 

Sailing is all about balancing the temptations and staying fit with your life on board. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle while sailing is a conscious effort and something you must get accustomed to. As a part of your daily workout routine, start doing sets of push-ups, squats, star jumps and crunches in your cabin. It soon becomes a habit and a part of your healthy living lifestyle. Sailing is a perfect adventure to stay fit both mentally and physically. Perfect the art of balancing food and workout to stay fit.

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