Sailing can change your life

Immerse yourself in the most peaceful surroundings of the sea landscape. Feel the wind, smell the salty water and enjoy the gorgeous background. Many people think about going on a sailing adventure, but what changes the course of life is literally when you make that decision and stick by it. Sailing is an unforgettable and adventurous experience that must be one on your list of things to do. Once you have had the experience of sailing, you’ll not want to go back to the real world. This unique experience becomes a way of life soon enough. Here are some reasons why you must try a sailing holiday. 

  • It’s a fulfilling experience. Away from the humdrum of city life to the tranquil blue waters, where there’s nothing but the winds and the beautiful sea scenery to accompany you. Holding your favorite drink in your hand, enjoying the gorgeous colors of sunset is the most peaceful experience one can ask for. 
  • Break free of the monotony, every day is a new experience and a new destination. Sail to the islands nearby and dock at the bays you have never had the opportunity to explore. New places, short stays and meeting amazing people are all perks of a sailing vacation. 
  • Forget about city life and enjoy reconnecting with yourself. There is a certain serenity and tranquility that no other holiday experience can give you but sailing. Relax and rejuvenate before you get back to your hectic lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to dedicate time to yourself, doing the things you enjoy. 
  • Create memories. From learning new skills to exploring new horizons, you get to make good memories that last you a lifetime. 
  • Sailing becomes a way of healthy living. When you are on board, there are several activities and tasks that you must engage in. All this squeezing, squatting, steering, setting and trimming sails develops the strength of your muscles and at the same time improves your metabolism, agility, flexibility as well as your coordination and skill. 
  • It’s all about Vitamin Sea. Sun, sea and fresh breeze are all perks of an amazing sailing getaway. 
  • Find your inner peace through sailing. If you have always wanted to break free from the busy work to home and back lifestyle, sailing is your opportunity to experience just that. The sounds of the sea, fresh breeze, and gentle sunlight create a much desirable revitalizing atmosphere. It improves your ability to focus and concentrate. 

Sailing is an empowering experience that positively transforms your health and spirit. This is one adventure that will inspire you to truly live life to the fullest. If we haven’t convinced you yet to go on the ultimate sailing journey, here are four stories that will truly inspire you. 

Unplug from the busy world: Vanja Ratković

Vanja Ratković, Cultural Affairs Specialist in the US department sails in the Adriatic Sea as a recreation. It is her favorite form of summer vacation. She says “Just a week on a sailing boat makes me mentally regenerate and apart from the fact that after returning to the mainland for a few days I swing on the office chair mentally, I am always reborn. Sailing is for me, some form of meditation. But like in the other forms of meditation at sailing it takes some time to get mental peace from the initial usually agitated mental state.”

The first few days when she started sailing, she had the urge to stay updated with the online world and current affairs. But now, she steps into the cabin and unplugs herself. It helps her mind relax and mentally revitalize.   

Leading a healthy life: Larissa Brill

Larissa Brill, a nutritionist and health coach who lives in Tasmania Australia. She sails on vessel ROAM, spirited 480, designed by her boyfriend’s family. They sail to different routes in Australia, Tasmania, New Caledonia, Fiji, New Zealand, French Polynesia. She was diagnosed with several health problems including hormonal imbalance and now, she will vouch for sailing as it has helped her health improve drastically. 

While describing her experience, she says, “Sailing requires being in the present: the wind and the waves, the sinking of the sails, the weight on the right side of the boat, and the good anchoring and tying. In the evening we sit on the stern of the ship stunned by the wind and the sun, silence is in the bay. No phone ringing. No analysis of everyday life, without excessive thoughts. Sailing is an active meditation.” With regards to her health, Larissa says “To put it simply, I needed to slow down, I needed quality sleep and I needed to listen to my body.  My gut flora was out of balance, my immune and nervous system were compromised and for various contributing reasons my hormones had become imbalanced (very common in both males and females in today’s society).  My cortisol was most likely elevated without me even really being aware of it or wanting to accept that I was feeling stressed.  I was well down the pathway of adrenal fatigue.”  

A life-changing experience: Kitiara Pascoe

Kitiara Pascoe, a journalist and travel writer describe how a sailing trip has changed the world she left behind. She says, 

“Life on a boat is very simple. It means back to the basics, back to nature. Sailing, sleeping outside below the spangled sky, stopping at some lonely islands, swimming as a means of transport, and hiking to explore these islands. To me, it felt like a pure living, having fun and surviving in a way which I had never experienced before and probably not a lot of other people have either. This trip opened my eyes in terms of knowing what life is all about: No expectations – being happy with what you do every day and being thankful for what you have! I am so glad to have contacted and met Shirlee and David at that time and I wish them all the best, happiness and health in their life!

Bottom line: If you are not fully satisfied or happy with your life, you are the only person who can make a change as nobody will do it for you! Everybody should be happy and without worries including you. Act today, don’t wait too long! If, for example, you feel like going traveling – just go, don’t think too much! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

Leading a fulfilling life: John Zeratsky

John Zeratsky, author and content creator from San Francisco took a life-changing decision to set out on a sail with his wife. He sold his apartment and decided to live on a sailing boat. For the last two years, they sailed through most of Central America. It has changed his life for the better. He says, “Two years ago, my wife and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. We had full-time corporate jobs, a car, and a busy life full of friends and work.

Today, we live on a sailboat. For the past 18 months, we’ve been sailing and traveling in Central America. We’re fully responsible for our health, safety, and comfort. 

Why? As the decision slips into the past, it becomes harder to say. Here’s my best shot: I wanted a big life reset, a chance to wipe away the accidental habits, commitments, and aspects of my identity that had stuck over the years.”

It was a big decision to leave their corporate careers and move on to experiencing the life of sailors. After several years of planning and saving up, they were ready to take off on a journey with no end destination in mind. Sailing has taught them to live life independently with less dependence on materialistic things. Both of them took equal responsibility for living life while sailing. To them, it meant cutting down on resources, minimalistic living and enjoying life to the fullest while exploring the world. 


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