Sailing as a family bonding experience

‘The Tans Will Fade, But the Memories Will Last Forever’

Seize every opportunity to travel, escape the ordinary. Next time you think of a family getaway or vacation, try something different, go sailing. Sometimes it is a beautiful bonding experience that is for every kind of traveler in your family. Explore new coastlines and travel the world most delightfully. For the adventure in your family, it’s all about new challenges; for the risk-taker, it’s about chasing the winds; for the artist, the beautiful shades of blue and for the nerd the joy of learning practical physics. One convenient sailing package that fits all your needs. No sailing vacation is the same, they all have something different to offer. A plethora of new experiences await you. 

Imagine spending quality time with your loved ones in a smaller space, under the blue skies and water. Sounds enticing, isn’t it? The fresh breath of air and water, more conversations, reminiscing the past and enjoying the surroundings is all that the experience of sailing offers. There are unlimited opportunities to explore the unexplored. Set out on a sailing exploration and you can have a mini-adventure escape to the islands and landscapes that are not usually accessible. Find a quiet bay to anchor your yacht and explore as a family. 

Family becomes a team

Sailing is all about teamwork. You need a team leader and the teammates to be assigned with different tasks. Work as a team and delegate responsibilities, solve unanticipated problems and learn life skills from one another. Sailing is a great activity that bonds the family together and unifies them. Often, in the daily hum-drum of our lives, little do we focus on being together. We are all busy running around and making money. An activity like sailing will be a revelation on how each other functions. 

Get everyone in your family equally involved in sailing, don’t keep anyone at the bay. It helps adults and kids learn new skills. Whether it is telling the direction of the wind or simply helping with the sails, involve your little ones, for them, it is an opportunity to get involved and learn something new. These activities are practical experiences of what they may learn at school – wind power, sails, and water safety. It is imperative to follow the necessary safety precautions before you get your children involved. 

Living together in a small space like this, in a situation where you can’t run away from your disagreements, you’ll always tend to work together as a family in resolving situations. We’d even say that sailing is an important chapter in the school of life. 

Life Lessons: Gifford Family

When Behan Gifford and her husband Jamie decided to take a break from their professional settled life to go on a sailing adventure with their three kids, it wasn’t an easy one. They wanted to leave their ordinary behind and escape into a world of new challenges. Over the years, they have sailed to over 30 different countries and sailed every ocean on the planet with their three lifelines. Their experience and the voyage of self-discovery has presented them with several challenges and adventures. But, nothing has discouraged them from going on more sailing trips as a family. Behan Gifford says that it has only tightened the bond of their family. They are a part of the little-known community of people called cruisers. Adventurous people who belong to this small community have either chosen to give up the social race to live a life-long dream or just spend a lifetime living on a boat in distant unexplored lands. 

At first, when the Gifford’s chose the path of sailing together as a family, they weren’t sure how their little ones would cope. But they did manage the experience well and have learned life lessons for adulthood. They have made lifelong friendships within the cruising community and they have managed to stay in touch too. Disagreements and arguments could have been a part of their sailing life if both weren’t up for the challenge. With Gifford’s family, that was never the case. They have created several memories as a family that has always been together, no matter what wave hit them, however harsh it was, they have survived them all with a smile. Little moments of joy, sharing meals, meaningful conversations, intimacy, and honesty are all that they value. Even amongst Behan and Jamie, it has worked amazingly well as marriage therapy, restoring and improving relations over hardships and survival. 

In an era where social media interactions and mobile conversations have become family touchpoints, sailing teaches you to enjoy a life without these influences. Expand your horizons, try out a new adventure, gain new experiences and perspectives. Set sail towards an exciting experience of a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to include their loved ones while creating such beautiful memories?

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