Sailing as a cure for work addiction

Work addiction is a serious medical condition that must not be ignored. Find out how sailing can cure your work addiction.

Most of us may have heard of drug addiction and alcoholism, how about work addiction? ‘Workaholism’ or ‘work addiction’ is a real medical condition and has become extremely common amongst the Millennials now. Work addiction is the inability to stop a particular behavior and a strong drive to achieve status and success. It is a mental condition of wanting to overwork in an uncontrollable manner. Although it is a medical condition, not many take it seriously enough to get the necessary cure. Despite the fact that work addiction affects both mental and physical health, people aren’t paying enough attention to the medical condition.

There is no question that hard work and success are always praised. But, when it goes overboard and starts interfering with functioning and relationships, you must acknowledge and work towards a cure. Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of work addiction. Recognize these symptoms and get the necessary treatment.

  • If you are constantly busy but no productive
  •  Obsessive thinking about work and success
  • Consistently over-working than the usual
  • Losing sleep over work projects and tasks
  •  Being paranoid about your work, performance and have no job satisfaction
  •  Interfering with personal relationships negatively
  • Anxiety and depression over the situations at work
  •  Increase in workload and working hours

Being a part of the materialistic society, we have been taught that ‘the more we do, the more we are worth’. Above mentioned symptoms are directly connected with work addiction. This starts impacting your personal life, creating a feeling of self-inadequacy, memory loss, and relationships you value. That’s not all work addiction leads to behavioral changes too. From being burnout and dissatisfied at work to angry outbursts, your behavioral patterns are also most likely to change. A recent study indicated that there has been a drastic rise in people who meet the above criteria. As of 2018, it has increased from 5-10% to over 25% in the United States alone.

Treatment options

Work addiction and drug addiction are not treated alike. It is imperative to connect with a therapist or a doctor, who will initiate inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs that best fits the symptoms. Most commonly, work addiction is combined with other severe behavioral health issues too. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatments available for treating work addiction. Treatments are focused around cognitive behavioral therapy, that is used in treating addictions in general.

Another common treatment approach adopted is called holistic treatment program. It includes diet, spirituality, family therapies, stress management, relaxation techniques, and sleep enhancement. It gets to the root causes of the addiction and creates underlying processes to eliminate it from your behavioral patterns. There is no better cure than making the necessary changes to your lifestyle and avoiding stressful factors.

How does sailing help?

Sailing is not just an activity, it is an adventure that has therapeutic benefits. Imagine yourself riding the waves, hoisting sails and balancing on a moving platform, doesn’t it sound like a fun activity? Its a form of exercise, a destressing activity and most importantly a learning experience. Incorporating sailing into your life goes beyond maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. We asked a sailor to narrate his experience, and this is what he had to say, “Sailing produces a Zen-like experience that is more expansive in nature.”

Meet some new people, enjoy the salt air of the ocean and reduce stress levels. Sailing is an activity that has proven medically to help the body balance out serotonin levels. They tend to be happier and more relaxed people in both their personal and professional lives too.

Sailing shows you that there is a completely different way of living life that’s out there. Voyage of the Recovery program and Cork-based Sailing into Wellness organization are two such therapeutic sessions that are highly recommended for all types of addictions. This calm and rejuvenating experience teaches you to work together as a team. It helps you overcome addiction and mental health problems through sailing. You’ll be amazed at how an activity like this can change one’s attitude towards life itself. There is no better way to tackle your work addiction than that of sailing. These are some of the key learning from the experience:

  •  Experience of acceptance and gratitude
  • Living in the moment
  • Keeping your regrets and resentment on the bay
  • Communicate better and teaches you that patience is truly a virtue to have
  • It also helps you redefine success

Like most addiction, work addiction will tend to worsen as time passes. Physical and mental exhaustion are two key symptoms you need to watch out for. There have been several cases reported in the past where work addiction leading to drug abuse. In a recent study published by the American Medical Association mentioned that overworking habits can lead to chronic stress which directly impacts your physical well-being. What is important to remember is that “We can adjust our sails, and choose our course, but we can’t control the wind!”

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