Sexy sailing holidays. Sailing into sexual freedom

For hundreds of years, the nautical saying has been, “One hand for the ship!” which, of course, politely leaves out what the other is doing. Generally speaking, single-handers don’t speak about sex. Which isn’t to say they don’t speak, they usually do. Nonstop. Without pause. And with great, oceanic endurance. Single-handers have always been a subject to abuse about what they do alone on a boat from other people because they can take it. They are mentally strong. They just sprinkle on more cologne and head ashore with high hopes yet again. As with cars, it seems men particularly associate boats with manliness and power, viewing them as an extension of their personality — and their personal part. You only have to look at a powerful cigarette speedboat to understand this analogy. The silence, the privacy, the relaxing rocking motion of the boat, the slap-slap sound of waves against the side plus the cozy intimacy of small cabins, the lyrical atmosphere being more sensual and, especially, romantic. The only problem is if the sea is rough, it’s essential your partner be a good sailor. Being seasick in the confines of such a small space is, needless to say, not conducive to hot sex.

Couples sailing together

As for the sexual life of the couples sailing together, Joanna Hackett in her book ‘The Reluctant Mariner” speaks about topics and issues normally not mentioned in other cruising books, openly and with humour. She says that you should not assume because a yacht at anchor has no one on a deck that they are making tea and scones for visiting sailors and are anxious to socialize. One cruising couple while enjoying some “afternoon delight” in the forward bunk ignored the calls from a neighboring yacht. But the neighbors undeterred, got in their dinghy and came alongside, calling out to the preoccupied couple. It caused only a slight interruption and a bit of embarrassment for the visitors. And she continues in her book… “Noisy lovers entertain sailors on nearby yachts, as well as those on their own. Unless this is desired, the practice of quiet sex is recommended and, even then, one should not be fooled that others on board are unaware of what is occurring.’ 

Weather controlling your urges

The sex life of couples cruising alone, while more private, is still, like all things on a yacht, controlled by the weather. “Not tonight, I have a headache,” becomes, “Not tonight, the winds coming up.” As in life generally, when opportunities arise, don’t miss out. A force eight may be just over the horizon!” Sex is a fact of life …. and sex and cruising is not a new concept. I mean isn’t that just another reason why autopilots and radars are an essential piece of equipment on a cruising yacht?  At the end of the day, most find the lifestyle with its unlimited adventure, shared unique experiences in idyllic conditions and even braving storms, all its diversity constantly shaping your life for the better. And for couples brings you closer together and builds precious memories to last forever. 

Charter boats

While not all boats are the scene of tabloid sexcapades, onboard hookups are not unusual on charter boats. In this rarified world where crew and guests mingle in close quarters, flush with fine food, premium libations and breathtaking sunsets over turquoise waters, rules often don’t apply – and that includes love connections. On a yacht, sexual encounters are a natural occurrence for people spending time together, working in close quarters on a glamorous, floating isolation chamber with limited opportunities for social interaction. On some boats, open displays of affection inconspicuous locations are just part of the atmosphere, in spite of the fact that some captains do not hire couples. However, most people crave intimacy at some point, choosing not to behave like a monk when surrounded by beautiful people. Coupling up can be a deterrent to success during the early stages of one’s crew career. Some crew simply are not mature enough to be in a relationship and work together at the same time, which upsets the whole team effort on the boat. Hookups can create a strained atmosphere onboard; guys and gals can be cliquish. During their time off, some couples don’t interact with other crew. Working on a yacht brings great rewards – globetrotting to exotic ports of call with no expenses, gourmet food and a handsome salary. But crew life is also synonymous with sacrifice. Losing daily touch with family, friends and pets ashore is expected, but some crew resist accepting the fact that it can require foregoing a normal sex life, too. With a focus on incentives beyond cash for motivation, some yacht programs now recognize psychological and emotional issues that come with a casual hookup culture onboard. Those programs favor couples because they’re meeting a human need that improves the crew experience and ultimately, the guest experience. Some vessel owners gravitate toward mature couples and like the stability it brings.

A lot of relationships that form casually turn serious. There are wonderful stories of long-term affairs that actually spawn weddings. The most common coupling is between captain and stewardess. In a perfect world, they get married and the wife moves ashore to start their family. But the captain is still a captain and a long-distance relationship, fraught with problems can develop. 

The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week is definitely the most infamous and wildest floating party festival. Nowhere else can you find a fleet of 270 boats floating together packed with people enjoying themselves and dancing till dawn. A floating festival, aka a massive party and music festival onboard yachts. Throughout the day it’s sailing, relaxing with friends and exploring the islands. In the evening the non-stop party gets started. It runs every year from June to September in several different locations – in Croatia, Italy, Greece and the British Virgin Islands. Floating parties are becoming ever more popular with other similar festivals springing up, such as the Matt Sailors festival and the newer BucketLust. At the beginning and end of the season, there are about 25 boats. The Yacht Week begins in June and ends in September, with 14 tours in total. In the middle of the season, especially during the huge international Ultra music festival in Split, which hosts DJs from all around the globe, there can be 270 ships in the fleet. They are divided into three routes (black, red and ultra), they are essentially the same route, red and black in opposite directions and ultra timed to fit in with the music festival. There are about 4 hours of sailing a day, using the motor. The route is always the same. The boat sails from Split to the island of Hvar where they spend 2 days. Then in Vis where they are for another 2 days. One evening they are in a natural bay and then they return back. For those who want to enjoy something other than partying, Hvar and Vis are the most interesting, people rent scooters, quads, cars and go across the island. Vis is probably the most popular. Many people associate Yacht Week with sex and the internet is full of wild stories. The Yacht Week has established a gender ratio, which means that the crew has to be mixed, 6 boys and 6 girls. And what happens at the Yacht week stays there

Sex parties at sea

What about sex parties at sea? Let us paint you a semi-pornographic (to just regularly pornographic) picture: sailing the high seas aboard a luxury ocean liner, whilst carefree half-naked mermaids frolic on deck. Elsewhere, curious couples are engaging in educational seminars on best practices for new sexual positions. And in tucked away, secretive corners other couples and strangers are taking a more hands-on approach to learning — with themselves, with each other, and a variety of combos in between. These are sexy cruises – full, sailing itineraries to glorious destinations, with lots and lots of onboard, naked activities. There’s a pleasure cruise, and then there’s a pleasure cruise. Sexy cruises aren’t for everyone, but they are, evidently, for thousands of people every year. And you could easily be one of them. Sexy cruises are often called “clothing-optional” cruises so as to not scare away first-timers by advertising them as orgy cruises. And, truthfully, they aren’t orgy cruises. Just because they are sexually skewed doesn’t mean that 17 people are piled on top of each other. And lots of people on clothing-optional cruises are on it for just that reason alone. They like to be naked. And sex doesn’t even play a factor. But for the most part, sex is a big factor.

Bliss cruise offers adults-only full-ship charters. So don’t worry about winding up naked on the buffet line in front of fully clothed passengers who are purely there to see St. Martin. Everyone on a Bliss Cruise is there for the same reason. Bliss Cruise is designed for every level of “the lifestyle,” which is basically the overarching semi-secret code for “swingers.” Whether you’re swapping partners, acting as a guest star, meeting someone new, or testing your voyeur skills, you’re welcome on a Bliss Cruise, along with hundreds of other like-minded and/or curious cruisers. In addition to sexy theme nights (because what is a sexy cruise without sexy themes?), Bliss Cruise offers educational workshops and seminars, all sexy, geared toward a younger demographic. But beyond that, there is plenty of fully clothed fun to be had, from ruins-hopping in Belize to beach bumming along the coast of southern Quintana Roo.

Temptation Caribbean Cruise takes the famous topless Cancun experience aboard a luxury ocean liner. A little more subdued than a Bliss Cruise, Temptation’s new aquatic endeavor brings the topless pool scene to ports of call like Grand Cayman and Cozumel. The cruise focuses on being teasingly sexy – like the lingerie of cruise lines, minus the lingerie. Theme nights, DJ pool parties, and an overall party vibe is what makes this sexy cruise good for beginners. And while sex in public is not permitted and this is not an advertised swingers cruise… what happens at sea (inside your locked stateroom and nowhere in sight of other guests) stays at sea.

Desire Cruise is the older, more sophisticated sibling of Temptation. Desire Cruise has been around the block a few times and knows how to play with the big boys. As such, and unlike Temptation, Desire is a clothing-optional cruise. Naked is naked, so what you’re paying for is really the upgraded amenities, dining, and offshore experiences. At the end of the day, fancy pants come off just the same as regular pants. Desire also has a roster of theme nights, a clothing-optional pool, and a steamy playroom. There is also a Jacuzzi Lounge with strategically placed jets for, um, neck massages.

As with all things sex-forward, there are a few rules, and these apply to all the other liners as well. First, no means no. Second, you are not obligated to do anything. Third, privacy is of the utmost importance and if you’re caught recording, photographing, or broadcasting anything in any way, you will certainly be made to walk the plank. And lastly, this is a judgment-free zone. People love to get around other like-minded people to express themselves, have fun, and just do them. A sexy cruise is no different. You are all equals onboard, whether you prefer your ride in the bow or in the aft.

Sailors and their sex drive

Sailors have a higher sex drive than other mortals, according to a new study by boffins in raunchy Amsterdam. The Onzin Institute’s four-year study, Environmental Effects on the Virility Index, astounded even the program’s Director, Dr Hijgen Krachtig, who said, “As a scientist, one should always be surprised when common knowledge turns out to be true.” The study is part of a larger project which is attempting to measure human sexual drive, ability and potency on a standardized scale, called the Virility Index.  The study itself took a group of 2,000 Dutch couples and measured the subject’s reaction to several stimuli. Using a number of sensors, including heat-sensing video cameras, a blood-enzyme monitor, multiple skin and scalp sensors, and something called a “self-calibrating turgidity anchor”.

The second part of the study measured the couples during actual lovemaking, and then the results of both experiments were collected and cross-referenced with the subject’s personal data to provide the results for both individuals, and couples. And those who listed “boating/sailing” among their top three activities scored, on average, nearly double that of any other group. 

The same thing with occupation: Those whose job was listed as “maritime” scored much higher than those who worked on the land. “We think that it may have something to do with the inner ear, or it may be due to the strengthening of core muscles as the body compensates for the rocking motion found at sea,” said Dr Krachtig. “Although one of my colleagues has suggested that maybe sailors are just better used to making love in uncomfortable environments.” The individual’s or couple’s virility index score indicated that it is not the size of the boat which makes the difference, but rather the motion of the ocean. 

Sexually transmitted diseases don’t stay on shore

Just like food and water, sex is a basic need of all human beings and seafarers are no different but you have to be careful. Traveling to different countries make seafarers vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and venereal diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis. AIDS is a major concern because it results into serious consequences on both professional and personal life. In recent days, seafarers do not fit the stereotype of having a woman in every port, but owing to long term isolation, lack of leisure and recreation facility and availability of strong sex industry in almost every port of call, seafarers are easily susceptible to unsafe sexual activities and make them a victim of fatal diseases. Creating awareness among seafarers about the sexually transmitted disease can minimize and prevent the risk of transmission; however only self-discipline and control can completely eradicate the disease.

So go on a boat trip, enjoy yourself but be careful and safe.


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