Sailing as team building

How can sailing help you create a dream team?

Whether your organization has over 1000 employees or less than 10, it is important to understand that they are the assets of your company. Employees of an organization have to always be placed at the heart of the business. And so, investing in team-building activities will not only improve collaboration but also tightens the connection and enhances teamwork. There’s always a notable improvement in employee productivity and a positive work environment that in turn reflects on business goals.

Why is it important to invest in team building? 

For some companies, it might seem unreasonable to take the employees for an entire day or two, away from work. But, they are vital to every type of business. It has both personal and business impacts in a work environment. Here are some of the key reasons why team building is important: 

  • Employees participating in the team building activities are encouraged to interact beyond work, in a non-work setting
  • Cross department collaboration and communication, while bridging the gap
  • Boosts morale, builds trust and creates engagement through fun activities
  • Create a fun work culture while learning new skills

Sailing as team building 

When it comes to team building activities, there are a plethora of options to choose from. But in recent times, sailing is one activity that has gained traction in the corporate world. It’s all about working together as a team to achieve the set goals in a dynamic and challenging natural environment. Sailing puts the crew onboard through an ever-changing situation, they are encouraged to make quick decisions while collaborating with the others on the boat. The crew on board will need to adapt themselves to constant changes and unique situations, all while learning a new skill and having fun. This interesting team building activity motivates them to communicate better and develop leadership capabilities. Some sails can be smooth, and some can be extremely challenging with wind blowing and shifting, but when you come out of it victoriously as a team, there’s a sense of achievement. Let’s dissect it further and look at some of the key advantages of sailing as a team-building activity: 

  • Cultivates excellent communication between the crew members
  • Improves collaboration and co-operation within the team while building their morale and rapport
  • Motivates the employees to sail through challenges easily and decrease stress
  • Coaches employees to help them with leadership skills, strategic planning and enhance their problem-solving skills too
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses

Corporate sailing programs designed for teams have several ways to structure depending on your company goals. From getting off the dock all the way to mooring up at the end of the day, maneuvering and navigating a sailboat means everyone must work together. Only effective communication and working together as a team can safely take you from point A to B. There’s a sense of togetherness that this activity fosters amongst the team members. Much like the business environment, there’s going to be uncertainty and adversities along the way that can be caused due to weather conditions. But the team will learn how to put together a contingency plan in no time. 

Tasks on sailing

Your ideal sailing day starts with preparation lectures that will allocate respective roles to your team members on the sailboat. There are several activities involved in sailing, every crew member has a task that is allocated to them. While sailing days are all about hard work, evenings are usually fun, socializing and relaxing. By the end of the journey, your team may have experienced several scenarios that will need them to plan better, make the right decisions, solve problems and manage conflicts. The experience is led by trained experts and is extremely safe. The duration of sailing programs can vary depending on your requirements and budget. 

If you are planning to create an inclusive work environment for your employees, then we strongly recommend you consider sailing as a team-building activity. Bring your co-workers, managers and remote team members for a fun-filled day of learning and working together. Team building activities must be on the list of priorities for your organization. Go beyond trust falls, try something fun and different. 

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