Healthy lifestyle and Sailing retreats – Sam’s Story

Sam has always been a workaholic. Like many of us, he has never had the time for himself and has always focused on building his career, family and gaining financial independence. Although his mornings start early, he was always late to bed. Sam was highly dependent on eating fast food in his car and rarely had the time to enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal. He was always busy with a lifestyle that he has built over the years. During the daily hustle and bustle of his routine, his health has always taken a backseat. Over the last few years, Sam has gained over 20 pounds of weight. He has also developed several health concerns like hypertension, obesity, and stress. Eventually, he started having trouble focusing on work and communicating with his team effectively. Although he did go for regular medical check-ups, his concerns were more than just medication.
His health was already deteriorating in his early 40’s. Finally, upon getting strong recommendations from his family doctor, he decided to try something new, something different. After long consideration and being pestered by his family, he decided to take a break from his busy lifestyle, away from all the stress. Sam decided to give sailing retreat a try.

What is sailing retreat?

For those of you who are not familiar with this retreat adventure, here’s what the hype is all about. Sailing retreats are more than just another adventure, it’s all about cruising the blue waters and embarking on a journey of a lifetime. It’s more than just a sport, it’s a learning experience that will change your life for the better. It not only helps you rediscover your inner self but also impacts your health positively. This is an interesting expedition into the open waters with sea and wind to keep you company. Sam was a sailing novice, but with some help, he adores this new adventure. He has started taking more of sailing holidays and knows when he deserves a break. Here are some of the health benefits that Sam has experienced through his sailing journeys.

  • Cardiovascular fitness

Fighting to find the right balance between work and family was always difficult for Sam. He was at the risk of hypertension, obesity which would have led to severe heart illness. But since he took up sailing retreats, Sam has experienced great changes in his lifestyle. By engaging in intense activities, his intake of oxygen improved, and this directly impacted his cardiovascular health.

  • Stress Levels

Sam’s busy lifestyle had kept him away from enjoying a good break. But, the rhythmic movement of the yacht, the sound of the water splashing, and the wind helped him relax and rejuvenate. Sailing impacted his brainwave patterns positively and helped relax his highly stressed-out mind.

  • Muscle Strength

The activities involved in sailing can be quite a task. From pulling and hoisting of sails to maneuvering the yacht, sailing helped improve his fitness. Sam’s muscle strength around his shoulders and back improved drastically with the help of his new active lifestyle.

By the end of his first sailing retreat, Sam was a renewed individual. He had lots of experiences and stories to share, he was already excited for his next sailing adventure and his main take away was the positive impact on his health. With 2020, he already knows when his next trip will be.

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