Experience Sailing: Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Soul


‘Sailing a boat calls for quick action, a blending of feeling with the wind and water as well as with the very heart and soul of the boat itself.’ – George Matthew Adams. 

Leaning to the free-flowing wind, cruising the blue waters and embarking on an unforgettable journey is nothing short of a lifetime experience. This invigorating sport is a lifetime passion for some and is a learning experience for many. Once consumed by the experience of sailing it soon becomes a hobby which serves a different experience every single time. Sailing is indeed one of the most exciting outdoor activities which will help you familiarize and re-discover your inner spirit. Many don’t know the negative impacts of stress from your lifestyle that causes hormonal changes in both men and women. We tend to ignore the imbalances, anxiety attacks and other health alerts from our body, and just move on with our life. This is when you have to consider sailing as an opportunity to make positive changes. From navigating the oceans to facing the ocean currents, sailing is a whole new challenge.

Jennifer Sumsion, a renowned author and senior lecturer at the Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University artfully described her sailing experience. In the article published by Teacher Education Quarterly magazine of Spring edition 2000, she reflected upon her sailing experience. “Strong gusts, 25 knots or more, streak across the bay. The wind moans eerily through the rigging as we lower the boat into the water. The sails flail wildly. My stomach contracts with fear. We throw ourselves on board before the wine can rip the boat from our grasp. Another gust hits. We accelerate wildly away from the launching ramp, careening through the moored boats and into open water, barely in control. In unison, we heave as much of our body weight as we can over the side, straining to counter the force of the wind in the sails and to prevent the boat from capsizing. A momentary lull; a few precious seconds to adjust the sail settings; to make everything ship shape. When the next gust hits we are prepared. The boat leaps from the water, airborne on the crest of the wave. Blinded by spray, we rely on ‘feel’ adjusting our weight slightly and easing the sails a fraction to keep the boat finely balanced. It hums with appreciation and accelerates even more. Fear has long gone – replaced by exhilaration, harmony, a glimpse of perfection” She has beautifully scripted her sailing experience with every bit of truth. 

Imagine moving away from the daily hustle and bustle and going on a sailing retreat. An expedition into the open waters with nothing but the sea and wind to keep you company, it’s a journey of self-discovery and learning to deal with unpredictability. With uncertainty in the lead, the experience of sailing differs every day. No matter how many times you may have set out on a sail, you’ll always discover something new. Whether it is tying a new rope knot or to plot a course in the shallow waters of the sea, no days are the same. It challenges you both mentally and physically, with that you’ll be amazed at how the sport of sailing helps train your mind to face adversities and act quickly. Some of the key health benefits of sailing include: 

1. A complete stress-buster 

2. Mindful practice and mental wellness

3. Improving your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

4. Enhance communication skills

5. Develops a deep sense of concentration

Sharpen your body, mind and soul

Sailing can positively affect your brainwave patterns. With water splashing, wind gushing and the yacht moving according to the rhythm of the waves, your mind and body start relaxing. The minute you step foot into the yacht, your mind will forget everything else and be set to take off on the journey. Be ready to sweep away the clutter of your daily lives and reconnect with yourself most positively with the help of nature. If you know the basics of sailing, the actual experiences will teach you the complexities. From how the wind moves your boat to create a cleat hitch, you’ll learn them with every new sailing experience. 

It’s an opportunity to sharpen your body, mind, and soul. A sailing retreat is not you ‘just another holiday’, it is a way of life that helps you reconnect with nature. Sailing retreats are often compared or equated with yoga for its mental and physical health benefits. The first rule of a sailing retreat is to have pure fun. You’ll be amazed at how sailing becomes one of the best experiences of a lifetime. With our dad to day lives, rarely do we get a chance to relax and meditate. With sailing retreats, relaxation and rejuvenation of your body and mind are a guarantee. It is an unforgettable feeling of rediscovering the new you. How capable it makes you face life adversities stronger than ever before.

Immerse yourself in nature

Sailing treats allow you to become one with nature, team up with your fellow sailors and discover new skills every day. It’s not just about steering the wheel and directing the yacht to the desired direction. It requires muscle strength and endurance to be able to maneuver the boat in deep waters. When you are on the boat, with blue waters and ocean life all around, it will help clear stress off your head. If you have found it troublesome dealing with stress, consult a doctor to authenticate the benefits of sailing to patients diagnosed with stress and mental wellness. Forget about your everyday routines, simply immerse yourself in nature, the experience and bond with the people in your boat. 

While relieving stress is one of the key benefits of sailing retreats, did you know that it also helps you with the ability to multi-task and focus. Sailing is about managing a varied set of tasks and unpredictable circumstances. This will help improve your adaptability and agility. Sailing retreats are more than an adventure, it teaches you life lessons, gives you experiences that you’ll cherish forever and strengthens your mind. A holiday that will give you a new outlook on life and getting things done differently. You are never too old to start with the experience of sailing. In fact, it is one of the best activities for your overall health and fitness. 

Sailing is also an opportunity to connect with your closest ones. There’s no better way to distance yourself from all the obligations and spend quality time bonding over an amazing adventure. If you are new to the activity, waiting for that little nudge, it’s time to get down to trying something new. Dedicate time to yourself, go on a sailing retreat and acquire new skills that will leave you memories of a lifetime. Indulge yourself in some quality time and live better. Get ready to sail into wellness and build vital personal skills, most importantly, confidence. Sail away from the safe harbor and your monotonous lifestyle. Explore and experience something new, something that helps you find the ‘New You’. 

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