Sail away after a heart attack

Here are two inspiring stories of people who took on sailing adventures even after experiencing a major health concern as a heart attack.

What if we told you that life doesn’t stop when you develop heart problems, would you believe us? Most people stop themselves from engaging in extreme sports and water activities, once they have been diagnosed with heart diseases or sudden cardiac arrests. We have compiled two inspiring stories of people who took on sailing as a passionate adventure, even after experiencing a life-threatening heart attack.

Exploring the South Pacific under sail by Graham Morse

This interesting life story is of an Englishman, Graham Morse who set out to explore the wild waters of South Pacific even after suffering pericarditis. It is a viral infection that can cause inflammation of the pericardium, which leads to chest pain and can be a life-threatening condition. He decided to set out on a sail to fulfill his dream of crossing the Pacific. Fifty-five islands, nineteen countries, seventeen thousand miles, and one amazing adventure. The sail wasn’t going to be an easy one, but to Graham Morse, it was a dream that he wanted to make true. He wanted to relive the adventures of his childhood heroes, Captain Cook, Thor Heyerdahl, and Christian Fletcher. Morse and his wife, Janet wanted to explore the land and sea, discover some of the most beautiful islands located in the Pacific. As they started their journey, it led to some delightful discoveries of the people and lifestyle. They found that there was a world beyond technology. It allowed them to meet new people, experience life beyond their 9 to 5 work lifestyle and explore new horizons.

Their fascinating journey took them places. They discovered new cultures, mysteries of ancient Polynesia and most importantly, they met people and became a part of several village feasts. The voyage of the South Pacific Ocean was beyond fascinating for them. It was a learning experience, a discovery of the new lifestyle and new places. They sailed across the world’s largest ocean, Pacific, a once in a lifetime opportunity they decided to take on, come what may. Learn more about their experiences, read more about their adventures here.

Sailing after a heart attack by Paul Covell

Paul Covell has always been an adventure junkie. When he decided to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 66, which is around 5,000 meters above sea level, he did everything to match up to his companions. Sure, he was breathless and took a few extra minutes to get par with his group, but he didn’t give up. He conquered the summit, an achievement that he is extremely proud of. This was then followed by his next adventure of cycling the south-west coast of Britain with two friends. When he decided to take off, he didn’t know that 80 percent of the blood supply to his heart was blocked. He didn’t turn back, instead, he chose to put in rigorous cycling to catch up with the group. He got as far as the guest house in Taunton before he succumbed to chest pains that led to a heart attack. He looked fit, no one could have assumed his cardiac problems, not even himself. He was suggested to undergo coronary bypass surgery. Paul was worried about his health and the adventures yet to come.

After a successful surgery, all he wanted to do was to get back into the world of adventure he had left on pause. This time, it was sailing. He always had a passion for the sea, and it was difficult to keep him away. His sailing adventures started during his teenage years when he joined the merchant navy. Starting as an apprentice with Manchester Liners, soon enough, he progressed into a navigating officer. He recalls, his sailing adventures to foreign lands and untouched waters became his underlying passion. Within four years, he had crossed the North Atlantic about 52 times. In his mid-40’s Paul decided to get back into sailing and excel at it. This inspired him to register to sail around the world at the age of 61. It wasn’t an easy one, he had to face several hurdles caused by nature before he could accomplish the goal. From collision to the Caribbean hurricane, the sailing adventure wasn’t a smooth one.

As he was recovering from his cardiac arrest, he thought he would never be able to enjoy the sailing days again. But in a matter of nine months, Paul was on his way to recovery. And, he set out on a sail again. This time a short blurb, a week-long sailing adventure from Palermo in Sicily to mainland Italy. Click here to read more.

As Wyland quoted, ‘The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul’

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