Blend yoga and sailing

Yoga, it’s not a religion but a way of healthy living that contributes to both mind and body. It incorporates meditation, stretches and breathing exercises that come together to help your mind relax and reduce stress.  Yoga is the ability to unplug and focus on the inner you. Combining it with sailing has its own benefits. Over the last few years, there has increased awareness about the art of yoga and practicing it on a sailing vessel has taken it to a whole new level. Associating yourself with a beautiful blue ocean and developing a unique sensory experience is an adventure only a sailing holiday can get you.

The art of yoga on a sailing retreat is designed with a set of asanas that are truly beneficial to skin, muscles, and bones. It’s not just about the flexibility, but also about improving the quality of life. This is a way of connecting the movements of your body while letting your mind wander to the tunes of your breath. Yoga helps you become more and more aware of the experiences and live in the moment. The ultimate goal of yoga and sailing are essentially the same, it is to help one transcend the self.

Yoga for sailors

Sailing is one of the most mindful sports and activities. Enjoying a getaway immersed in nature with the echoing sound of the sea and starting your day with Surya Namaskara is a mesmerizing experience that one must try. Sailing yoga holidays are unquestionably one of the best wellness vacations you could ever set out on. It combines three essential factors relaxation, physical activity, and harmony. How many times have we caught ourselves complaining about the posture, even while enjoying an activity you love? And hence, practicing full awareness of breath and posture does good for your physical and emotional fitness. Sailing retreats are usually a perfect blend of a daily yoga practice while exploring new destinations and cruising through the waters. Yoga not only makes you a better athlete but also a good sailor.
Many accomplished sailors have started incorporating yoga into their daily routine. It keeps the crew members on board highly engaged, helps cope with seasickness issues and awakens the muscles. Yoga while sailing also teaches you proper alignment skills. In fact, yoga and sailing are two such activities that have many things in common. Being the perfect mixture of ancient practice and a modern discipline, the harmony you get out of the experience is truly captivating. With sailing, every day is a different experience, adapting to the varying forces of the blue waters as well as the free-flowing wind can be both challenging and exciting. And so is yoga, every day on the yoga mat is different, whether it be the poses or the state of your mind.

Health benefits of yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice was born in India and it has over the years gained a lot of attention due to its wellness benefits. It is a form of meditation that is backed by science and combines asana with pranayama and meditation. These are some of the key benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Improved flexibility and increased fitness while reducing your body aches and pains
  •  Yoga is highly advised for those affected with anxiety and depression
  • Meditation which is a key part of yoga while helps you bring emotional balance, increase mental sharpness and improve your sleeping habits
  • Improves your posture and better spinal health
  • Enhances the lung functionality as it positively impacts your breathing patterns

We get so busy in our day to day lives, that we rarely find any time to sit back and relax. Often life can get you anxious and work can get you stressed out. That is exactly when you need to make a conscious decision to take off on a holiday that can give you that physical and mental relaxation you deserve. It’s a way of therapy to improve quality of life. You’ll be amazed at how both yoga and sailing enhance spiritual well-being.

On a sailing retreat with yoga, you will learn the basic skills of coping with wind, sea, and life. Also, enjoy pranayamas and guided meditations. This wellness and adventure experience are one of the most exciting outdoor activities. Feel rejuvenated and energized with the power of yoga. Connect your mind with the energy of water and air. If you haven’t already given it a try, we highly recommend you treat yourselves to a sailing retreat. There’s no better way to slash stress and anxiety off from your life. Leave behind the concerns and enjoy experiencing the blue waters. Learn and grow with your team on board.

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