Relationships and sailing

Relationship on boat, smooth sailing or? Traveling together puts a couple in an extended period of being together more than their average interactions. That extended period can either enhance a relationship, or it can blow up in their faces.On a sailboat, you will share everything: same food, same seasickness as well as the same experiences. […]

Sailing while blind

Many blind and partially sighted people are naturally skilled at sailing on the wind – imagine being at the helm and in control of the boat, nudging the wheel back or forth as you feel the wind shift across your face. Thanks to technology, people who are blind or visually impaired can sail on sailboats […]

Sailing after the brain injury

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury to the brain that is not hereditary, congenital, degenerative, or induced by birth trauma. Essentially, this type of brain injury is one that has occurred after birth. The injury results in a change to the brain’s neuronal activity, which affects the physical integrity, metabolic activity, or functional […]

Enjoy Cruising with No Limits

Let arthritis not stop you from taking on new and challenging sailing adventures. Read more for inspiring stories and tips to encourage for more sailing experiences Taking on an adventure like sailing can become challenging for people with arthritis. Often, people live their 20’s and 30’s working hard towards achieving their career goals and retirement. […]

Around the world with epilepsy

An inspiring story of Phil Haydon and how he has been creating awareness about epilepsy through sailing programs. On a casual sunny day in England, Phil Haydon was riding to school with his friends. It was a regular school day, but he was excited about the much-anticipated summer school break. At just fifteen years old, […]

Sailing for people with disabilities

Adaptive sailing for people with disabilities helps them become mentally strong and capable to take on new challenges. Read more to find out everything you need to know about adaptive sailing.   Sailing a boat can be challenging, but adaptive sailing is a unique experience. Enjoy the freedom of movement and independence while jetting through […]

Sailing as an Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic Sailing has a measurable impact. There are several studies to prove the positive physical and psychosocial benefits amongst the participants. Find out more about therapeutic sailing. Recreational therapists have evolved from traditional methods of therapy and intervention sessions into fun-filled outdoor activities. They are being effectively utilized to assist with the development of play […]

How does sailing help children with ADHD?

ADHD is a mental disorder that is most commonly found in children. Read this article to find out more about ADHD and how sailing helps children with ADHD get better. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is a common mental disorder that’s found in children and adults alike. ADHD is more common amongst young […]

Sailing Retreats as an Effective Cure to Dyslexia

 This interesting article will give you an interesting insight into Dyslexia and the different effective cures for it. It is a learning disorder that can affect one’s reading, writing, and speaking ability. Kids diagnosed with dyslexia often have a difficult time connecting the letters to one another. It’s usually caused by the inability of your […]

Healthy lifestyle and Sailing retreats – Sam’s Story

Sam has always been a workaholic. Like many of us, he has never had the time for himself and has always focused on building his career, family and gaining financial independence. Although his mornings start early, he was always late to bed. Sam was highly dependent on eating fast food in his car and rarely […]

Hypertension and sailing

Planning your next sailing trip? Learn everything you need to know about hypertension and how to manage this health condition effectively while onboard. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is an extremely common health issue. A recent health statistic revealed that 1 out of every 3 adult population may be diagnosed with high blood […]

Everything you need to know about stress and how can sailing help de-stress?

Sailing is more than just a sport. Read this interesting article to find out more about how sailing helps de-stress. In today’s world, there’s no escaping the stress caused by work, kids, goals, deadlines, and expectations. These hounding responsibilities only seem to increase and continue to make you anxious. After a long day at work, […]

Diabetes and sailing

Sailing through diabetes can be a challenge. But, with better understanding about the disorder, you don’t have to let your health hold you back from enjoying the adventure. A recent survey indicated that over 1.5 million people were affected by Diabetes in the year 2019 alone. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes high blood […]

Story of a Sailor: Alejandro Basail

Name of the sailor: Alejandro Basail Profession in previous life: Pilot Name of the boat: Paradocs (Catamaran Catana 39 built 1994) Home port: La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico The crew: My daughter with her husband and two grandchildren (Pitico, Alpha, Rio, Zen) and me When did you sail around the world? May 6 2014 […]

Influence of blue color of sea and sound of waves on our health

There are several psychological and physiological benefits to being near the water. Continue reading about the benefits of the color blue and sound of the waves. Our daily lives have either become too monotonous or too stressful. Being in touch with technology is doing no good for your brain. It needs some downtime and a […]

Choosing crew: How to avoid problems in your cockpit

Story from Mladen Sutej and an interview with him! I am often asked: – How do I choose people for the crew? What is the required sailing experience? How many miles did they travel and on what kind of boats? Is it crucial that they have sufficient funds for such trips? Or courage? These people […]

Fit and healthy with sailing!

Here’s an article that describes both the health benefits of sailing and the potential physical injuries that this activity can cause. Let’s start this interesting article with a thought-provoking quote – ‘It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.’ We all agree that it’s important to maintain your health […]

How can sailing help you create a dream team?

Build a stronger team with corporate team building sailing programs. Learn how to work together in a dynamic environment and work towards achieving company objectives. Whether your organization has over 1000’s employees or less than 10, it is important to understand that they are the assets of your company. Employees of an organization have to […]

How does sailing help addiction?

Whether it’s just for the weekend or a month-long vacation, sailing can be a life and attitude changing experience. Learn how sailing helps overcome addiction. Overcoming addiction is never easy. The most difficult step on the path to recovery is to recognize and acknowledge your addiction. If you are ready to deal with your drug […]

Tackle Stress in Children

In the modern world, the stress in children is becoming more and more common. It is not just limited to adults. Let’s learn about how sailing projects are helping young adults overcome stress. Signs of stress and anxiety are not just found in adults, but in children too. In this day and era, where everything […]

Sailing with a chronic illness | Multiple Sclerosis

The Oceans of Hope is to help people living with multiple sclerosis and set them out on a path to recovery. This unique program is to inspire and empower those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. People with chronic illnesses have managed to conquer their disabilities through sailing programs. Customized sailing programs have made a big difference […]

Blend yoga and sailing

Combine yoga retreat with a sailing holiday to relax your mind and body. There are several benefits to practicing yoga, learn more about it in the article. Yoga, it’s not a religion but a way of healthy living that contributes to both mind and body. It incorporates meditation, stretches and breathing exercises that come together […]


Sailing is more than an adventurous experience. Here are some reasons why you must try sailing at least once in a lifetime. Also, read four inspiring stories of how sailing has changed the lives of people. Immerse yourself in the most peaceful surroundings of the sea landscape. Feel the wind, smell the salty water and […]

Mindfulness on Sailing

Mindfulness is a phrase you may have heard several times. But what is it really? Let’s understand mindfulness further. It is the ability to be in the present. It refers to being fully attentive to what is happening in the NOW. Mindfulness is all about being focused on the present moments. Often, when we get […]

Sail away after a heart attack

Here are two inspiring stories of people who took on sailing adventure even after experiencing a major health concern as a heart attack. What if we told you that life doesn’t stop when you develop heart problems, would you believe us? Most people stop themselves from engaging in extreme sports and water activities, once they […]

Sailing, Staying Fit and Losing Weight

Here are two inspiring stories of people who took on sailing adventure even after experiencing a major health concern as heart attack. Sailing as your hobby. Sailing is a great activity for your health and fitness. Facing challenges not only makes you mentally fit, but also physically strong. Most people intend to achieve the loss […]

Sailing as a cure for work addiction

Work addiction is a serious medical condition that must not be ignored. Find out how sailing can cure your work addiction. Most of us may have heard of drug addiction and alcoholism, how about work addiction? ‘Workaholism’ or ‘work addiction’ is a real medical condition and has become extremely common amongst the Millennials now. Work […]

The Healing Power of the Sea

Learn about how sailing brings about mental and emotional well-being. Over the past years, several studies have been conducted to prove the healing power of the sea. Even a simple visit to the beach makes you feel alive and cleansed. Sun, sea, and sand are the perfect combinations that are an accessible form of therapy. […]

Family bonding experience while sailing

Sailing is a great getaway as well as a family bonding experience. It teaches you life skills and creates memories. ‘The Tans Will Fade, But The Memories Will Last Forever’ Seize every opportunity to travel, escape the ordinary. Next time you think of a family getaway or vacation, try something different, go sailing. Sometimes It […]

Sail to prevail PTSD

Sailing is a great way to copy with the symptoms of PTSD. Read to find out how sailing can be a great cure for this mental disorder. PTSD or Posttraumatic stress disorder has become a common psychiatric disorder amongst people who may have witnessed or experience something extremely traumatic. After a devastating incident in life, […]

Experience Sailing: Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Soul

The health benefits of sailing extend beyond just body. Going on a sailing retreat is for the body and soul. It is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that must be given a try. ‘Sailing a boat calls for quick action, a blending of feeling with the wind and water as well as with […]